The MAS 2007 convention will be held at the Hotel Metro Manor. The hotel is located some 1.5 kilometers from Chennai Central. One could walk from MAS to the hotel or hire an auto rickshaw.

By Walk

  • Exit MAS on the right. Take the far end exit just by the Chennai MMC building.
  • Once outside, walk straight along the road opposite the exit gate. Do not turn right or left.
  • Just follow the road as it goes as it brings you onto Sydenhams Road.
  • Turn right and walk towards North along the Jawahar Lal Nehru stadium.
  • You should cross the the stadium completely.
  • Look for a tall set of buildings of an apartment complex.
  • In the front of the complex is a small Jain temple.
  • The building next door is Hotel Metro Manor.

By Auto Rickshaw/Taxi

Ask for Metro Manor Hotel. If the driver is not aware of it, tell him that the hotel is next to the Nehru Stadium in Periyamedu.

Ideally the driver should drive the same route as shown above. Alternatively, he might take the Poonamalle High Rd opp MAS and drive till the Ripon Building (Chennai Municpal Corporation) and take a right turn into Sydenhams Rd. Beware! Chennai auto wallahs have a reputation in fleecing customers. Bargain well. Depending on the time of arrival, this distance should not cost you more than Rs 40.


Follow the path marked in blue from Chennai Central.

Way to Hotel Metro Manor