The finals of Build your train Quiz saw four teams pitched against each other. They were Apurva Bahadur and Dr. Jitendra Mulky, PVS Praeen and Mohan Bhuyan, Sivaramakrishnan and Biswarup Basu and Shashank Nanda and Sagar Tipnis.

The Quiz consisted of 6 rounds.

First four rounds: Each team giving the right answer straight or passed question, get 5 coaches each.

At the end of Second Round, teh team with lowest score was eliminated. Same again at the end of round 4.

Round 5 was a written round…Teams were to earn sops from Railway Budget for their train. Both remaining teams had to write down the answers of 5 questions asked. If both got the answers right, they got 5 points. If one answered correct and the other wrong, the correct answered earned 10 points for that question and the wrong answer gets no points.

Round 6 was the loco round…time to earn locos for the train built. The questions were also based on locos.

Two questions to each team. One on Diesel and other on Electric. Electric Question had a visual! No written round this time and questions could be passed.

The end of Round 4, we had Shashank Nanda and Sagar Tipnis as one team and Apurva Bahadur and Jitendra Mulky as the other team.

Apurva and Jitendra finally won the quiz.

Here are the questions:

ROUND 1: Start Collecting Coaches S1 to S3 and 2 SLR.

#“At Jajau – I saw a BOXN rake with an unusual power combination – WDM3 in the lead with a WAG 7 trailing. Most likely the latter had failed. Next we passed a station with an unusual name – Mania, “an apt description for your fixation with trains”, my wife would have said, had she been there! Just – no doubt it’s pronounced differently in Hindi.”

Identify the author (IRFCA) of this trip report.

# History! In 1863, what section was formally inaugurated within the GIPR by Sir Bartle Frere, the then Governor of Bombay?

#Identify the Station from this picture:


# What, until recently, was common to Miraj, New Jalpaiguri and Yelahanka?

Round 2: Earn S4 – S8 Uneconomical trains shall be withdrawn .

#In 1886, W. Newman & Co published the first ________________ .  Fill the blank.

#Identify this railway bridge and the river.


#IR has classified permanent way based on Maximum Permissible Speed allowed like A, B, C and so on.  What classification was given to MG tracks with permitted speed above 75 kmph?

# Complete the sequence as of date with an Indian Company : British Steel, Penang (China), and Stela Group (Poland) and ______________

ROUND 3: Get S9-S12 and a pantry car

# In 1956, an accident at the bridge on river Marudayar led to the resignation of the then Railway Minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri. In 1987, the same bridge was blasted by TNLA activists, derailing the Rockfort Express that killed 25. Name the station nearest to this bridge.

#Connect the channels CNN IBN and Aaj Tak with New Delhi Chennai Tamil Nadu Exp and Dibrugarh Rajdhani

# Why is this small kid driving the suburban train?


 ROUND 4: Get AC Coaches AS1, AS2, AS3, A1, HA1

# What kind of rolling stock is equipped with the Scharfberg couplers?

# Which station was the border checkpoint for Pondicherry when it was under French rule?

# An electric loco pilot uses the following horn code:

Long blast – short blast – long blast 

What specific action does it signify?

ROUND 5: Write to Laluji. Earn sops for your train: CBC Rake, 26 coaches, SF status, Tatkal, Daily Schedule 
# Fill the blank: The _________ is a point to the rear of a converging junction, such that a train must be to the rear of that point in order to ensure that any train moving on the other converging line can proceed without being obstructed.

# Which is the only divisional headquarters with “Road” in its name?

# “The handsome ________ _______ _______built at a cost of Rs.17 lakh and inaugurated in 1908, has weathered the years well. Obviously, the contractor, T. Samynada Pillai, built it to last. But despite being tended well in recent years, the [building] could do with considerable improvement and that is what has just begun. But while improving facilities and modernizing the [building] , it is to be hoped that Samynada Pillai’s work will be left untouched — down to ensuring that the “###” emblazoned on the bas relief crest remains, even if the ‘I’ has been painted out in recent years.”

Identify the edifice being described in this old news article from The Hindu.

# What, in 1925 replaced the B.E.S.A ( British Engineering Standards Association) with respect to standard for designs and classification of locomotives?

# What’s so unique about this route –



# What would be the class of locos for Road Numbers beginning 11001?

# What would be the current class of loco for Road Numbers beginning 15501?

#Identify this loco class from the shot of the cab seen here.

#What is common to all these electric locomotives?



Round 1

1. Mohan Bhuyan; in the KSK Trip Report

2. Bhor Ghat section

3. Udhagamadalam or Ooty

4. They all had all the three gauges prevalant in IR: Broad , Netre and Narrow.

Round 2

1. The Newman’s Indian Bradshaw

2. Jubilee Bridge between Naihati and Bandel on the Hooghly

3.  Q Class

4. SAIL. They provided rails to IR


1. Ariyalur

2. CNN IBN’s SMS code and TN Express number are 2622 and Aaj Tak and Dibrugharh Rajdhani’s numbers are 2424.

3.  Animesh Gorai from Bihar was allowed in the motorman’s compartment as a part of the Make A Wish Foundation’s programme which helps terminally ill children.


1.  DMU and EMUs

2. Chinnababusamudram

3. Lowering the Pantograph


1.  Fouling point or fouling mark

2.  Khurda Road

3. Chennai Egmore station

4.  IRS or Indian Railways Standard

5. The South-North MG link


1. WDM7

2. WDP3A

3.  YAM 1

4. They were all named after national leaders: Babasaheb, Jagjivan Ram, Jawahar, Vallabh and Bidhan in the order L-R of the photographs.



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3 responses to “QUIZ FINALS

  1. Varun Dambal

    #The first picture is the Ghoom Station highest in in India
    S5-I think is Rajahmundy Bridge Goadawary river
    s10-Its easy CNN IBN ”s mobile code and TN Express number is 2622 and AAj Tak and DBRT Rajdhani’s number is 2424
    AS3-Just a guess S-O-S(not sure)
    15501-Probably woyld be a Rajdhani

  2. Akshay Marathe

    15501 will most probably be a WDP-3A

  3. Sriram

    Oh God, I cud get full marks for all the questions in the loco round…

    1) WDM7
    2) WDP2/3A
    3) YAM1
    4) ALl have class suffixes ‘1’ like WAP1(babasaheb), WAM1, WAP1, WCAM1, WAG1

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