MAS 2007 Post Quiz Prelims


Mhow – A Magical Mhystery Tour
Presentation by Mohan Bhuyan (with contributions from John Lacey, Bharat Vohra)

Map – overview
History of the Sections
Salient Features of the Section
Loco and Rolling Stock
Slideshow of the pictures and descriptions
Included some amazing aerial shots taken from a low flying aircraft


by R. Parimalakumar, Assistant Works Manager, Perambur Loco Works


Fairy Queen
100 year coach retrieved from a tea stall
POH of electric locos
~66 locos POHed every year
Testing of static equipment and fixing problems
Testing of rotating equipment and fixing problems
reneval of all rubber components
General Repairs
Pneumatic equipment
Bogie cleaning and testing
Wheel and Axle tesing
Final Testing
 Homing staff do the inspection
Feedback from homing shed
POH cycle is 25 working days
 additional 15 days if cable rewiring is done
Merits and demerits of Steam, Diesel and Electric motors


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