MAS 2007 Post Lunch

 Shanx is pitching for Delhi, 19 and 20 of january.

NRM, Metro, all round super connectivity to anywhere in India, day trips galore, Asaoti and Dadri, Agra Shatabdi, all kinds of locos, etc.

 Kanpur’s pitch by Mr. Sanghi

IIT kanpur campus itself is by the railway line…no need to travel far.

World class facilities of IIT at disposal including guest houses for delegates

RDSO Lucknow, Railway technology Cell of Kanpur can pitch in gyaan

Kanpur people want to do it in a family sway…sposes and kids included.

Convention hall has 200 seats.

Feb 2, 2008 is proposed date.



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2 responses to “MAS 2007 Post Lunch

  1. wp7713

    It’s wonderful to be kept up to date in this way!

  2. Varun Dambal

    Please let us know CNB or CSTM?

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