MAS 2007 Blogcast

He discussed the McLeod Lines, Martin Burn Lines in detail and also the Rohtas Light Railway in detail.

# Ahmadpur famous from the infamous”jackfruit letter” was on one of the Martin Burn Lines.
# Howrah Amta line was a fairly busy line and despite that was a lossmaking entity.
Next on line is none other than Mr. VSP with his amazing gyaan on Reservation Quotas.

VSP started to explain why Ashish Kuvelkar never got a reserved berth from Pune to Vasco.

Remote Location Quota always has RAC. Pune is under pooled Quota …about 60 to 70 berths for who start at originating station but get off at other than terminating station.

 Chaos! VSP’s presentation has turned the entire venue into a reservation complex…too many queries. Even on Ladies Quota!



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5 responses to “MAS 2007 Blogcast

  1. Dear VSP,

    Good that you have begun with a bang !!! But I would like to say, that you will be surprised, to note that, we had lot of arguements over one issue. That is reserving tickets from SC to CBE, using a combo of three trains. 2747/6593/2677 !!!! From SC to VKB (2747, in ACC) and from VKB to SBC by 6593 in SL and from SBC to CBE in 2 S by 2677.
    You asked me to get clarified whether such resvn could be given.
    But, Yesterday, i got clarified from PRS in SC that they are ready to give the ticket as prescribed by me in the reqd. classes !!!! Kindly seek someone from there whether they have made any such unique bookings !!! ( 3 combo resvns etc !!)


  2. Varun Dambal

    Rajdhani Numbers:
    Why are Rajdhani coach numbers different from other ordy trains?Whats the reason behind the numbers beginnig with 15XXXX?

  3. wp7713

    Ah, Rohtas Light Railway with its wonderful collection of locos!

    What a coincidence: just the other night I watched a DVD of the Howrah -Amta line in operation. Amazing!

    Continue to enjoy yourselves.

  4. Hi Convention attendees !!!!

    I would like to add one more imp. thing you can know from VSP !! He is not only a wizard in Resvn. quotas, like PQWL, RWL etc.
    He is a master in the info. related to RSA’s. All RSA’s are in his finger tips including the latest RSA bet. Nellai and Pandian, not to speak about RSA’s in his very own Den, like Padmavati and SC-Patna express having RSA or Falaknuma and Narayanadri’s.
    Also, about Slots’ allotted for various trains. More of his prowess on such matters are available in the archives of SR forum.
    bye & cheers,


    Dear Mr.Ravi,
    Thanks for your compliments.

    In so far as the bookings mentioned by you, definitely they will allow you to make these bookings but WITHOUT TELESCOPIC BENEFIT.
    That is,
    1) You have to pay Full AC Chair Car Fare including RF/SSC/SFSC from Secunderabad to Vikarabad.
    2) You have to pay Full Sleeper Class Fare from
    Vikarabad to Bangalore including RF+SSC.
    3) You have to pay Full 2S Fare from Bangalore to Coimbatore including RF/SSC/SFSC.
    That is, you will get 3 different PNRs.
    I am doubtful whether you will be given a through AC Chair Car Ticket because there is no ACC in Hampi link Express. If they issue, then, you will have to through AC Chair Car Fare from Secunderabad to Coimbatore.
    Let us discuss this matter further when we meet in person. I will take you to PRS Counter.

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