Build your Train – Quiz – Prelims

For the 2008 Convention, Mumbai makes a bid too…but I guess it is between NDLS and CNB.

Now for the prelims Quiz

 1. What is common to these routes (list is not exhaustive)?

Chennai – Bangalore

Mumba9i – New Delhi via Bhusaval

newDelhi – Howrah?

2. The _______ Railway company was established in 1845, (later succeded by a new company which started work in 1853)?

3. Identify the train by its previous livery
4. What was the origin and destinatio nof the very first Shatabdi express introduced in 1988?
5. Name the station situated between Munabao in India and Khokrophar in Pakistan.
6. Identify the locomotive from this picture?
7. This indian state was formed only in 2000, but had a train named after it more than 20 years ago… which state?
8. The practise of using the locality name for a railsway station exists in variouslocal communicities. If Nampally is for Hyderabad, which station is in a area called Kalupur?
9. What was the earlier name of the Guru Teg Bahadur Nagar railway station?
10. Identify the train service from this modified picture?
11. Which ministry does the Commisioner of Railway Safety report to?
12. There are manu stations suffixed “Cantonment”.. But which is the only one fto be suffixed “Barracks”? NMot “Barrackpore”!
13. Where are the only WDM-6s to be found today? (Loco Shed)
14. Brevity! What is this?
15. What would a train cbe carrying if it has all wagons classified as VVN?
16. SLR coaches are being slowly phased out of productions in favour of SLR-D coaches. What does D stand for?
17. Delhi Main station holds the record for the largest RRI system, commissioned in a record 44 hours. Which company completed the changeover to the new system?
18. Which zone of the IR manages the Kolkata Metro Railway network?
19. What major decision was implemented by the then Railways Minister Nitish Kumar, effective from World Environment Day on June 4, 1999, though the statement of this intend was made in the Budget earlier that year?
20. Identify the shed from this logo/…….
21. Which is the only station in IR to have the word “Station” in its name?
22. Until recently, this train had the max. no of loco changes… It’s changes were – Diesel > Electric > Diesel > Electric > Diesel.. What is this train?
23. What does the following signal indicate?
24. Find the odd loco out from this group, in terms of specifications
25. One IRFCA Member was instrumental in getting TKD Shed to name a particular class of locomotive. Whoz the person and what was the class of that locomotive?


1. They are the routes in the respective zonal timetables tabled as No. 1.

2. Madras

3.  Vaigai/Pallavan Express


5. Zero Point

6.  The Fairy Queen

7. Chattisgarh

8. Ahmedabad

9.  Kolivada

10. Samjhauta Express

11. DGCA Ministry of Civil Aviation

12. Cavalry Barracks in Secunderbad area

13. Bardhaman

14. A Nine-Car EMU

15.  Milk!

16. Disabled

17. Siemens

18. None. Kolkata Metro Corporation manages it.

19.Ban smoking on trains and railway property

20. Mysore

21. Dr. KL Rao Station (Vijaywada-Gudivada sextion)

22. Sabari Express

23.  Guarding entry to a dockyard

24. WDM 3. Only diesel hydraulic. Rest are Diesel Electric

25. Harsh Vardhan; Pushpak.



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4 responses to “Build your Train – Quiz – Prelims

  1. By the way when will the answers be posted?

  2. Hi guys !!
    Are there any chances for bloggers to answer any quiz questions.

    If such an opp. is provided, here are some answers.
    Of course, I cannot identify the locos, for no pics are avlbl.
    11) Commissioner of railway safety reports to ‘Ministry of Civil Aviation”
    12) Station with Barracks suffix is ‘Cavalry Barracks” in SC-Bolarum section
    19) Is it banning of smoking in railway premises ? ( Our dear VSP is very particular about that and never fags inside any railway station premises !!! 🙂
    18) Kolkata metro does not come under any zone. It is treated as an independent zone of IR.
    7) Should be Goa express.
    5) Zero Point ?

  3. Varun Dambal

    7)Chattisgarh -Express

  4. Akshay Marathe

    14: this was pretty easy: it is the sequence of coaches for the EMUs of mumbai
    24: I guess WDM-4 as it has 2 stroke engine.

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