IR had to identify the property by giving complete demographics of the route.

They had to have a 72 hour continuous wait for the certification preceded by a grilling interview without a break.

Justification is important as is the Statement of Outstanding Universal Value.

NMR had to show how the coal quality, supply and usage issue would be dealt with.

Mr. Ram followed his presentation with photographic images of the actual inspection before certification.

By the way, the Certification is not specifically for NMR but for Mountain Railway of India that includes the DHR (Darjeeling) too.

A lot of questoions followed. This was a good presentation. A hard copy is available with Sridhar Joshi.


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  1. wp7713

    *”Statement of Outstanding Universal Value.”

    Yes, this is a really important for the WHR listing.

    I’d be really interested in a hard copy of the presentation!

    I’d also like to have the questions and answers.

    Convention is going well, and it’s great to be kept up to date like this.

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