Show is on!

With a breakfast of Pongal, vadaa and uthapam, backed with coffee and tea, the show began.

The MACL was ceremoniously changed to Clear.

Ramprasad had arranged a wonderful NMR working model which was switched on.

We had a quick pass of the mike for intros and some of the old hats were welcomed boisterously.

Poochi Venkat showed a couple of diesel and electric videos to set the pace.
The first show of the day is Ajai Banerjee’s Non Government Railways of 1964.



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  1. Gautam

    Wish you all a fantastic time at the MAS Convention! Go IRFCA! Hope to attend one someday …

  2. ravi

    Hi Folks !!!
    Here’s Ravi from Hyd’bad wishing you all participants a wonderful time. I am really missin’ something out there.
    IRFCA ians !! All the very best from SR’s very own discussion forum. You can find, SR forum being well represented in MAS convention, in the form of Vasanth, Nishanth Siva & Tejinder and VSP !! ( Of course, VSP, is an Universal set !!! belonging to IRFCA, SRDF or where ever discussions take place reg. IR!!)
    Hope Vasanth & Nishanth do a ‘blitzkreig’ when the Quiz competitions come to fore !! We have quizzed quite a lot in our forum.
    Pls. do have a glance at our SR forum.
    bye & cheers,

  3. wp7713

    Great to hear that the Convention has started well!.

    I’ll be following the day with great interest! Enjoy this wonderful opportunity.

    “Pongal, vadaa and uthapam” hmm, you’re making me hungry…

  4. Varun Dambal

    Wish you all good luck especially for a great effort by Sridhar Joshi and all

  5. Great job, Guys! I wish I could have made it.

  6. Varun Dambal

    I promise i wont miss it next time be it in mumbai or cochin

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