Build your expectation

The 2007 Build Your Train Quiz is something I am looking forward to. Some amount of hardwork and frenzied communications have taken place to ensure that we have a brain picker this year as well. As usual, there will be exciting prizes for the winners and heap lot of excitement for all.

 I would not want to reveal much. But here is a small peekaboo what it might be like:

# Two coaches numbered 9000 and 9001 are not used regularly on IR tracks. They have a special purpose. What are they used for?

If you find it an easy one…you the man! The quiz is yours.

Meanwhile, here is something else to pick your brain. I am fond of shunting puzzles. Here is one seemingly simple puzzle. If you crack it, remember it was devised by 4 primary school kids in the UK!

There is a circular railway siding at the end of the main line.

A Green container wagon on Siding A and an Orange container wagon on Siding B

There is a WDS6 Shunter on the exit line.

To the north is a foot over-bridge and the yellow box is the points control for switching the tracks.

The loco can pass under the bridge but the two wagons cannot because they are too tall. The problem is that both the wagons have been wrongly parked. You have to shunt the wagons so that the green wagon and the orange wagon switch places and the loco can get back to its loco shed.

Have fun cracking it….and warm up for the Quiz.



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4 responses to “Build your expectation

  1. Saurab Basu

    The Second One is Easy!
    Take the Loco to the Green One, and then Shunt it all the way towards the Orange..Now Bring it to the Shed Way line…The Loco should be shunting backwards..Park the Green Loco on the Siding..Now take the Loco to the Orange Loco and shunt it to the position of the green Loco..Detach the Loco and bring it to Shunt the Green Loco from the Siding to the position where the Orange one Again, you have to bring the Wagon, frontwards and then shunt it towards the back! Once the Wagon is stationed, bring back the Loco to the Shed..You are Done…

  2. Roopesh

    The coaches could be the ones meant for travel of President of India, one for his living and other for staff/catering. 2-3 years back I think HH APJ Abdul Kalam travelled in them after a long gap.

  3. I think the coaches are used specifically for trial purposes…something in relation with ISO-9000 and ISO-9001 Standards !!!!!!

  4. I am going to fail once again at the quiz 🙂

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