2008 Anyone?

Pune did a fantastic job, Chennai is doing likewise. You think you have the chops to hold the event of the year for members of the IRFCA community? Then showcase your cities potential. Here’s what you need to do – Prepare a pitch/presentation/whatever with the following

  1. Infrastructure – Convention Halls, Budget Hotels, Food etc;
  2. Ballpark figure of the delegate fees, stay charges on sharing basis etc;
  3. Proposed dates – Weekends, national holiday bunchups.
  4. Any other thing that we should know.. and finally
  5. Why should your city be the “Chosen One”? 🙂

You should ideally present for 10-12 mintues with about 5 minutes for additional questions. At the end of all pitches, the delegates would vote on their choice. At the end of it all, a token exchange to take it forward!

Update: Ooops.. forgot this bit. 21 January 2007 is the last date to send in your powerpoint files, if any. Mail them to Sridhar Joshi (address in the contacts page).


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16 responses to “2008 Anyone?

  1. sridharjoshi


    Please just send a mail stating your city’s interest in hosting the next convention.

    The powerpoint is requested to keep all material in one place. DO bring in your presentations when attending the convention, though.

    Looking forward to play T N Seshan, for once.


    Dear Sridhar Joshi,

    Could this be shifted to 2009?


    (or) shall we move to once-in-two years after the third Convention, say, after hitting the hat-trick?

    In any case, please send an e-mail to Dr.Dheeraj Sanghi, IIT Kanpur, who had already thrown his hat when 2008 Choice came-up for discussion.

  4. Ranga

    VSP, Dr. Dheeraj had been contacted before this update was posted. In fact he suggested that we announce it this way. His hat is already in the ring.

  5. venugopal

    i propose Ernakulam (kochi) as the venue for the next conv. the only limitation is that it is in the deep south. all other facilities are there. the participants can have a nice holiday too, including sight seeing trips to the backwaters.

  6. Ajai Banerji

    Ernakulam/Kochi is a nice idea, but are there that many active irfcans there? (I used to live there, but don’t count me)

  7. Gautam

    How about Nagpur (NGP)? Great location, easy access from all places, lots of traffic, and I’m sure Alok will put his heart and soul into making it a great success …… ;-))

  8. I have just sent the PPT file. I would be interested in knowing whether besides Kanpur, any other city has actually submitted the bid.

  9. Vrij

    GP….. Alok who???

  10. sridhar joshi

    Letters of intent received so far from

    1. Kanpur
    2. Delhi
    3. Mumbai
    4. Kochi (just expressed interest)

  11. My bet: Mumbai..
    The den of numerous railfans

  12. Ranga

    These Delhiwale and Mumbaiwale are fighting it out even here?

  13. Can we have a vote at the convention?

  14. Venkata Satish

    We pitch for Mumbai

  15. Varun Dambal

    We are all very delgihted about such an event once a year.Also the session is held just before Railway Budget so we have time to assess all the develpments that take place during the Previous Year.
    Since the event is held every last week of February wouldnt it be symbolic to hold this event every 26th of February as it will be a great day to celebrate and we will have time to attend the event!
    Think over it before announcing the next years’ event at Kochi,to be precise on 26th February,2009

  16. Varun Dambal

    Sorry a correction the last line should be read as
    Think over it before announcing the next years’ event at Kochi,to be precise on 26th February,2008 and not 2009

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