Wish You All A Happy New Year

MAS2007 Organizers Meet
My best wishes to all delegates of MAS 2007.

We had a brief meeting last year…well on 31-12-2006 :).

Not many updates except that the accomodation window is closed.

Most of the discussion was on tying up loose ends.

Attached here is a picture of the meet…Two people might need introduction. The gentleman with the cap is Mr. Swaminathan, an expert on diesel locos. Next to him is Mr. Ramprasad our General Counsel 🙂 and an avid railway modeler. Expect some surprises from him at MAS 2007. By the way, Ramprasad had attended the first one at Pune in 2006.

Gowri is also preparing a little surprise that will have everyone making a detour to the dias and saying…”let me do it” “:)

The delegate strength is really good this time. We are ensuring that the space constraint we had last time at Pune does not affect us this time. No Air Deccan style seating!

Please plan your trip well so that you get the best of the convention as well as the holidays.

The MG line between Tambaram and Chengalpattu is of suspect (Aravind can elaborate more) as Mr. Swaminathan indicated that they are already removing the electric catenaries and might start with the permanent way very soon.

Till the next update…Ciao.



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2 responses to “Wish You All A Happy New Year

  1. humm…so how did the railway officials like the Bhopal Shat hit-‘miss’ video?

  2. Varun Dambal

    I think you are viewing the video of couple escaping from shaatbdi’s clutches

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