I have extended the last date for booking your accomodation at Hotel Metro Manor till this weekend (Sunday, December 17, 2006).

Please send in your requests by then. 




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7 responses to “Reminder….

  1. Hi Ranga,
    I have requested for accomodation. By when will I get a confirmation for the same?
    Cheers, Ashwin

  2. ranga

    I had sent u a confirmation. Please check.

  3. Oh..ok. Igot your mail Ranga, just was not sure if it was the confirmation. Anyways, will rest easy now that it is confirmed.

  4. Varun Dambal

    Irrsespetive of Accomadtion availabilty will you allow us to come and join the seminar as we stay in Bangalore and we can return the same day,we too are curious to join this seminar

  5. Ramdev Gowda

    Hi Ranga Sahib,
    I had sent a request for an accommodation a few days back but I have not received any conformation mail from your side.

  6. Ramdev Gowda

    Hello Ranga Saab,
    I had requested for accommodation but till today i have not received any conformation from your side.

    With Regards,
    Ramdev Gowda(IRFCA-UBL).

  7. Ranga

    Ramdev sahib … I had asked for your arrival info and I have not received it 🙂

    Anyway, I have it and your room is confirmed.

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