Yes, the t-shirt idea is truly dead and buried. As Ranga mentioned in an earlier post, the ridiculously low numbers in our order made it extremely difficult to shop around. For those of whose paid up early expecting a brand new and shiny shirt to show around, we are sorry. But there is a silver lining to all this. Instead of T-Shirts, you will be getting –

  • A Desk/Wall Calendar featuring some of the best photos from the picture gallery
  • Jay Balakrishna’s recently remastered DVD (features wonderful shots of YAM-1’s)

Notes on the whole thing

  1. These goodies will be given only to those who’ve made payments.
  2. Delegates who’ve registered for the convention but not for the t-shirt – Write in to the e-mail address given below. We’ll reserve a copy of both the DVD/Calendar and will hand them over to you at the convention on payment of Rs.250/-
  3. Same goes for the people who’ve registered for the T-shirt but not made the payment yet.
  4. In case you don’t want these goodies, please write to the email address below indicating why you wouldn’t want such wonderful things. We’ll return your money at the convention.

The e-mail address to send in your requests is bharathmoro [at] yahoo [dot] com. As usual, please include your primary mail address and phone no’s in the mail.

The last date for sending in your requests is 23rd December 2006. There will be no extensions on this.

Update 1: Delegates who’ve paid for more than one 1 shirt – Write to the address above indicating how many copies of the DVD/Calendar you want. Excess money will be returned , although ideally you would want to donate this to the server 🙂

Update 2: Please note than any funds leftover from the DVD/Calendar distribution will be given to R. Anand for server maintenance. If you are unhappy about it, get in touch with me.


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  1. Varun Dambal

    Please give more clarification regarding purchase of calendars

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