Full House!

It took me longer than expected to post this. But sheer laziness combined by work pressures put me off. But here is an update: We have received all the payments and guess what, all those registered have paid up.

Bharat Moro landed at Chennai last Saturday and five of us met at my home. We closed one important milestone of the Convention: The final list of payments. We have a full house of registered payees.

W/L folks, I am afraid, this train has no cancellation. Still, I would say, wait till the end. There might be cancellations between now and the Conventions. But we have effectively closed the registrations and payments as of now.

We also had a discussion on the sessions. Some of you have sent in your requests for a presentation. We have made a provisional list of events. I would not update the Sessions page yet. It would be ready in a couple of weeks. We have 8 slots of half our plus a half hour Quiz preliminary and an hour of final Quiz. Breakfast, Lunch, two teabreaks and some time for socializing also included.

The arrangements for accommodations has begun. I have 16 requests so far. Please send in your requests. We have spoken to the hotel that hosts the convention. Rooms are available, but limited. So please send in your requests soon. We have decided to scrap the T Shirt idea fully. It was a futile exercise to run behind suppliers for 40-50 pieces in a state where a 1,000 pieces of export is considered normal. We have another plan regarding the amounts already paid. Bharat would be coming up with the proposal.




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4 responses to “Full House!

  1. Damn!! I was really looking forward to laying my hands on the Tee Shirt. No chance absolutely of having it?

  2. A query on accomodation. Is there a check in/check out time at the hotel or is it 24 hrs time limit (for a day’s rent)?

  3. Ashwin, to be honest, we have not gone down to such a detail of enquiry with the Hotel. We were more concerned with availability of rooms.
    The hotel’s assurance to us on servicing our demand to the fullest was more important at that time. But it can always be worked out as we are in good rapport with the person in-charge.

    This is why I request the train timings as well with the accomodation requests…so that we work out the best deal possible however the check out policy be.

  4. Sridhar Joshi


    All those who are wondering about the check in / out times at the Hotel, please remember you are on this side of the Vindhyas. Barring any huge demand like in the hill stations of Ooty etc., check out timings are always on a 24 hr basis. So much unlike North of the mountains – Maramjhiri Darakhoh for Shanx, where check outs are always 12 noon or even 9 am, just to rake in the moolah – just as the conversion to SFs 🙂

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