We had their share of ghee too…

The meeting took place last Sunday as planned. The only unplanned situation was that except Sridhar and Adwaith, everyone else had prior engagements. But the pongal cooked nevertheless. And we made the most slurpy and delicious pongal for three utlizing all the ghee stocked up for a full house. Hmmm. I wonder if Adwaith had dinner. I did not. The cashews were fried brown in ghee before being added to the pongal.  Ground pepper and fresh curry leaves did their wonder. The ghee turned it into an ecstacy! Earlier, the Hinyana and the Mahayana schools of pongal cooking were at conflict. Sridhar wanted to add everything after cooking the rice and dal.  I wanted everything added before the cooking except ghee and cashews.  So we merged our schools and created a college..sorry collage of tastes. Overall it was my best pongal not prepared by my mother.

 The Convention? Well it was under discussion and we got down to the business and reconciled payments and receipts.


 ALERT: November 30 2006  is the last date for accepting payments. Thereafter we draw up the W/L number and go Early Bird.

 70 payments so far.

Accommodation requests are pouring in. Please note that acommodation at the Convention venue is limited.  Book today!

Electronic Clearances. I had contacted some of you about the confirmation of payments. The rest is a matter of time. No worries. Just book you tickets and accommodation.

 Reuqests for presentation slots are coming in. We are evaluating them one by one and preparing an exciting list. Please continue offering your ideas and material. Sneak preview: One gentleman has already taken the topic of railways in India: past vs present. Also something with respect to Google Earth and mapping railways. VSP garu is still silent. He must know that there is  an entire horde of IRFCAns who are going to compel him for a presentation soon.

 As usual, please contact Poochi for all video and photo exhibits.

2007 might see a good number of railwaymen attending the Convention. 

Finally, we are meeting again next week in full force. This time Bharath Moro would join us too.   A trip to the hotel for a dress rehersal of seating also in the pipeline.



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2 responses to “We had their share of ghee too…

  1. Adwait

    No dinner for me too, thx to the great pongal and the extra helping courtesy Sridhar.

    Back home, I got into bigtime trouble. Had promised to take my son out to a prg @ 5.30pm, reached home @ 5.35pm. Cant describe what happened next. Moral of the story: I better set a reminder next time around else MAS2007 meetings will be a bye bye for me.


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