Contemplating Pongal this time…

The next meeting is proposed on Sunday, November 25, 2006. My place again. This time, I am considering pongal as the star dish. I must stock up some ghee, moong dal and cashew nuts. If it continues to rain, piping hot pongal would be THE thing to eat.

Today, I am going to Madurai. To do the Bodinayakkanur stretch of MG again. This time, Vivek Pillay and Bizzy Mishra will join me from SBC. Before I go, an update:

63 payments have been received

All snail mail receipts have been acknowledged by mail. If someone has not received a confirmation, please contact Gowri Shankar (See Contact List) .

All electronic clearings transferred to Sridhar Joshi’s account have been acknowledged. Same thing as above for non receipt of acknowledgements.

The issue is with the electronic remittances to Brahmma Features directly. We have received 6 remittances so far. The delay is with the bank. They have to tell us who have remitted. We have been dogging them for long for the names. Hopefully by tomorrow, we would know and Gowri’s deft fingers would shoot out the acknowledgements.

Wait List. Yes, IRFCA Convention has a wait list. No cancellations so far. Going by the count of the registration mails post deadline , there are 11 W/L . So the reservation status is WL/11/11.

Here is what we propose to do:

We wait till November 30, 2006 for all registered members to send in their registration fee. Thereafter, we shall abolish the registration chart, calculate the number of vacancies as Total Number of Seats – No. of Payees and declare it here on the website. From December 1, 2006 onwards, we shall register anyone on a first-cum-first basis provided we receive the delegate fee from them. So keep checking for the status.

As I said: 63 payments so far. 22 to go. 85 seats in all.

Remember the last date: November 30, 2006.


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