MAS 2007 Contact Information

Delegate Fees, Bank ECS, Acknowledgements and Confirmations:

Sridhar Joshi –              +91 9444339333    email:
Gowri Shankar –            +91 9444081702   email:


Ranganath Eunny-         +91 9840564217  email:
Sridhar Joshi –              +91 9444339333   email:

Speaker/presentation slots:
Gowri Shankar –           +91 9444081702   email:
Ranganath Eunny-        +91 9840564217  email:

Rail fanning trips, suggestions and help:
S. Aravind –                 +91 9884258510   email:

Photography, videos and exhibits
‘Poochi’ Venkat           +91 9444023200  email:
General Queries:
Ranganath Eunny –       +91 9840564217   email:
Sridhar Joshi –              +91 9444339333   email:
Gowri Shankar –            +91 9444081702  email:



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2 responses to “MAS 2007 Contact Information

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  2. Shirish

    Greetings from Christchurch, New Zealand.

    Please allow me to wish all the delegates and organisers of MAS2007 a wonderful time. I look forward to hearing all the stories.

    Also wishing you a very happy Republic Day. Jai Hind.

    Have a very nice day.
    Christchurch, New Zealand

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