Speaker/Presentations Slot

Folks, it is the Sessions time now. If you would like to speak/present at the convention, please do write to us before November 30, 2006 with a synopsis of your idea. If chosen, you will be asked to send in support material by January 01, 2007.

The slots are for half-hour each. A typical presentation would be for 20 minutes with 10 minutes for Q&A with the audience.

Projector, white screen and Lap-Top would be available along with the audio equipment.

The emphasis this time is on typical rail fanning activities. So if you have some good gyaan on say, loco road numbers or coaches or signalling or even track alignments, this is your forum!

If you require two continuous slots, please let us know. But please keep in mind that the half hour slots were made keeping the average audience attention span in mind. You need to have a really exciting idea for an hour slot.

We also welcome ideas that depart from typical presentation mode. If you have a highly interactive and participative event in mind, do suggest. We already have a quiz. We are also contemplating a debate.

Contact Gowri Shankar or Ranganath Eunny. Email ID and telephone numbers are filed under Files of the mailing list.
Looking forward for some bright ideas 🙂


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