Added some info on rail fanning tips in Chennai. Remember the convention is held during a great weekend with 3 straight days of holiday. You might as well add a rail fanning session .

Check the FAQ Page for the tips.



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  1. Vivek (Old Man)

    Am keen on doing the TVM-VM line. do let me know the time involved and other logistics. and i think MG wud be non-existant by that time (?)

  2. Vivek (Old Man)

    oops a typo – TBM-VM

  3. Not sure if MG will continue. We deliberately did not put the MG trip option from TBM in the options. Waiting for the revised TT.

    Else a trip to Villupuram is possible. There is the 6713 Exp at 13:00 hrs from TBM. it reaches VM at 16.20.

    It could be tight but u could return by 6128 GUV CHENNAI EXP (17:00 at VM) and reach MS by 20:00.

    Here is a list of MG departures from TBM:
    6701 MANAMADURAI EXP 20:15

    6713 SETHU EXPRESS 13:00

    6875 KAMBAN EXPRESS 19:45

    813 MAYILADUTURAI F 21:45

  4. Sid

    Sorry guys,
    But i cannot miss more than a day’s school so i’ll be coming on the 27th morning by 2622 and attending the confrence and leaving the same night on the 2621. Cant make it to the railfanning trip. Wish i could but unfortunate!!!

  5. Hi,
    I would be interested in catching some high speed WAP4 action towards the Gummidipundi side. Maybe, the TN, Coro. and Charminar, etc. Can anyone help me go about it. Assuming that I shall be arriving 26th evening and departing 27th night (not much time, i agree)

  6. Ashwin, you do not have much choice I guess. The Gummidipoondi side is super active in the morning when most of the trains arrive at Chennai Central. It is again active at night. But what train are you arriving by?

  7. Apurva

    A day trip to Pondy is also a great thing to do.

  8. Pondy has one train in the morning which is a passenger but hauled by a WAP 4.

    MS-PDY- Dep: 6.35 Arr: 11.20
    PDY-MS- Dep:14:40 Arr: 19:30

    You can also consider a BG option till Villupuram. If you get a WDM3A as your loco, nothing like it. The run between Tambaram and Villupuram is excellent.
    2605 PALLAVAN EXP 15:30 17:50

    2635 VAIGAI EXP 12:25 14:40

    6127 MS GURUVAYUR EX 07:25 09:50

    To return, you have the following options
    2606 PALLAVAN EXP 09:25 12:00

    2636 VAIGAI EXP 12:00 14:40

    6128 GUV CHENNAI EXP 17:00 20:10

    MG options to return from Villupuram (till Tambaram) is given below
    6854 CHOLAN EXPRESS 15:05 18:30

  9. Adwait

    If anyone is planning a night halt at Pondy, I would recommend the Seaside guest house (operated by Aurobindo Asharam) Fantastic location, clean, resonably priced (Non A/C twin Rs 550, A/C Twin Rs 750 per night) I have been here not less than half a dozen different ocassions and would be glad to help anyone interested.

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