Accomodation, delegate fee etc…

Thanks for stopping by at the MAS 2007 Convention website. We know it’s been a while since you have heard from us so without more delays, here goes –

  • For those of you who have sent it the payments, thank you! Individual acknowledgements will be sent in a few days. For those of you who transferred money electronically, please hold on for atleast a week. We need a confirmation statement from the bank.
  • Those of you who haven’t sent in the moolah, now would be a good time 🙂
  • The T-Shirt idea isn’t dead, yet! Hold on for a few more days. We should have some news on that front. The agreement with our previous supplier didn’t work out because of economics!
  • If you would like to speak/present at the convention, please do write to us before November 30, 2006 with a synopsis of your idea. If chosen, you will be asked to send in support material(if any) by January 01, 2007.
  • Accomodation is being made available at Hotel Metro Manor. You will need to send in your requests byDecember 15, 2006. More information is available here.

That’s it for now. Add this site to your bookmarks/feed readers and keep checking often. This is the place for all information about the convention.

Update: Due to possbile spam and other issues, email and phone no’s of the organizers has been omitted from this site. Please check the IRFCA mailing list archives for them.


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