Accomodation / Stay

The organizers are pleased to announce that accomodation will be made available on a first-come first-serve basis at the Hotel Metro Manor, the venue of the convention. Please note that all accomodation requests have to reach us by December 15, 2006. In your mail, please also indicate whether you would like to take up the entire room or are willing to share it with a random member or someone from your home shed! In addition, also keep in mind that the organizers are only facilitating the arrangement. You will still have to foot the bill 🙂

The tariff for the various rooms are listed below. (All rooms carry a 10% discount for railfans!)

Room Type Tariff
Suite Rs. 2150
Deluxe Double Occupancy
Rs. 1300
Deluxe Single Occupancy Rs. 1200
Exec. Double Occupancy Rs. 1150
Exec. Single Occupancy Rs. 925
Standard Non A/C Double Occupancy Rs. 800
Standard Non A/C Single Occupancy Rs. 600

Note: Extra beds will be charged at Rs. 250 for Exec. Rooms and Rs. 200 for Standard Rooms.

You can contact MAS 2007 Organizersfor blocking accomodation. See the Contacts page



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2 responses to “Accomodation / Stay

  1. Venkat

    Fantastsic and Wonderful.
    Seems to be a high level convention.
    Wish you all the best.
    Invite some top Rly officers from various
    This will give a good image of what is ‘irfca’ and
    that is the purpose of the convention.
    Let them come to know what is ‘irfca’.
    I can help to get acceptance.
    God bless the Convention.

  2. Aloke

    Aren’t you coming, Venkat?

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